For Organizations

Along with working with individuals, SPIRIT Club partners with a variety of organizations (such as service-providing agencies, schools, religious entities, and community organizations, among others) to provide specialized fitness training and classes. Adapting to the growing need and desire for remote options, SPIRIT Club now offers classes for individuals and organizations virtually in addition to in-person settings so participants can enjoy the full experience from anywhere! Interested in setting up a virtual or in-person class for your organization for FREE? Click HERE.

Virtual Daily Community Classes

Organizations looking to integrate exercise and healthy programming  into their offerings can take advantage of SPIRIT Club’s Daily Community Classes (DCC). Organizations that sign up for SPIRIT Club’s DCC gain unlimited access to 9 new virtual classes each week, along with its library of past classes. Choose from Fitness, Yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Meditation, Healthy Cooking, and more! All exercise classes are taught by multiple trainers with each showing different versions of the same exercise. This ensures that every class participant has a trainer teaching at a level that is appropriate for him or her.

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virtual service offerings.

Private Interactive Classes
(Virtual or In-Person)

Interested in a class created just for you and your group? SPIRIT Club will develop and teach group exercise classes specifically  for your organization, either virtually or in-person. Classes are designed to meet the needs and goals of all participants and are supportive of every age and level of ability. Classes can be held online, or in a number of physical locations including your organization’s facility, a SPIRIT Club gym, or a third-party location in the community. Groups can choose from Fitness, Yoga, Zumba, and Boxing. Private group classes are also available virtually!

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What are the benefits of a
SPIRIT Club Class for Your Organization?

We are glad you asked!

A Healthy Way To Fill
Your Days

Whether it be virtual or in-person classes, there are very few better ways to fill the days of your participants  than with a SPIRIT Club exercise or healthy life skills class. Classes offer a healthy, positive way to get people moving, boost their self-esteem, and create the positive habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Classes can be 30 or 60 minutes in length, can start any time, and can be taken from anywhere. The variety of class topics allows organizations to fill their schedules with the exact class they are looking for.

Uniquely Qualified

SPIRIT Club trainers are uniquely qualified to work with participants of all abilities to ensure a high quality fitness experience. Our trainers’ certifications from the Developmental Disabilities Administration give them the ability to support a much wider range of people than the  average trainer. Additionally, the NCCA fitness certification provides our trainers with the necessary skills to teach effective and safe exercises, an especially crucial component to a virtual fitness regiment.

Improve Your
Program Offerings

By adding exercise to your organization’s program offerings, you will  stand out by showing that you value the health and wellbeing of those you support. By working with SPIRIT Club, your organization shows that it offers fitness programs to participants that are of high quality and taught by trainers who teach safe and effective exercises. Additionally, SPIRIT Club coordinates with its partner organizations to put together marketing material that highlights the value and fun that participants receive through your organization’s partnership!

SPIRIT Club also offers organizations the chance to sign their clients up for Virtual Personal Training, Partner Training, and Small Group Classes.

If you would like to learn more about having SPIRIT Club work with your organization, please enter your contact information below with a detailed description about what you are seeking so we can schedule a free demo class just for you!