For Organizations

In addition to working with individuals from the community, SPIRIT Club partners with organizations (such as service-providing agencies, schools, religious entities, and community organizations, among others) to provide specialized fitness training and classes. Adapting to the times, SPIRIT Club now offers its private classes for organizations virtually so that our participants can experience them from the comfort and safety of their homes. Learn more about our virtual programs.

Private Group Classes

SPIRIT Club will develop and teach group exercise classes for your organization or group. Classes are designed to meet the needs and goals of the participants and are supportive of all ages and levels of ability. Classes can be held in a number of locations including at your organization’s facility, at a SPIRIT Club gym, or at a third party location in the community. Groups can choose from any of the classes that SPIRIT Club offers, including Fitness, Yoga, Zumba, SPIRIT Steps (walking/running), and Boxing.

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Private Training

SPIRIT Club can work with your organization to find fitness solutions for your participants. For participants who would prefer a more focused and individualized approach, a personal trainer can lead sessions at our gyms or in participants’ community / home. For those looking for an added social aspect to their fitness routine, we can connect them to community-based Group Classes open to the public, or Partner Training sessions where they can exercise with a peer.

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What are the benefits of a
SPIRIT Club Class for Your Organization?

Community-Based Activities.

SPIRIT Club gyms allow participants from your organization to join activities in the community. By welcoming those with and without disabilities to exercise at our facilities, SPIRIT Club offers a truly integrated environment that is ideal for an organization’s program. All SPIRIT Club locations are fully accessible for people who use wheelchairs and for people with other disabilities.

Specialized Training

SPIRIT Club trainers are uniquely qualified to work with participants of all abilities to provide a high quality fitness experience. Our trainers’ DDA certifications give us the ability to support a much wider range of people than an average trainer. The NCCA fitness certification provides our trainers with the skills to teach effective and safe exercises, a skill that’s value cannot be overstated.

Improve Your Program Offerings

By adding exercise to your organization’s program offerings, you can stand out by showing that you value the health and wellbeing of those you support. By working with SPIRIT Club, your organization shows that it offers fitness programs to participants that are of high quality and taught by trainers who teach safe and effective exercises. Additionally, SPIRIT Club coordinates with its partner organizations to put together marketing material that highlights the value and fun that participants receive through your organization.

If you would like to learn more about having SPIRIT Club work with your organization, please enter your contact information below with a detailed description about what you are seeking so we can schedule your free demo class!

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