Adapting to the times, we are offering a version of all of our services online. SPIRIT Club wants to be able to meet its members anywhere and at any time. Virtual services allow SPIRIT Club to be there for you!

Already a SPIRIT Club member? Click here for access to our LIVE Classes and here for access to our On Demand Classes.

DAILY Community Classes

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Individual Community members may access live classes taught 6 days a week. The classes currently include Zumba, Yoga, Boxing, Cardio Fitness, Strength Training, Balance & Flexibility, Meditation, and Healthy Cooking. Our fitness classes are unique because they consist of multiple trainers demonstrating different versions of each exercise in various modified forms, including seated, standing, and progressed (as seen above). This structure makes our classes meaningful and worthwhile for a wide range of ability levels so family members, housemates, staff, and peers can all participate together. These classes are available both Live during the original broadcast, and also on-demand the same day. These classes are available to individual community members, and to agencies looking to enhance the lives of the people they support. Information for agencies can be found HERE.

Daily Community Class Pricing

At SPIRIT Club, our motto is Fitness for ALL. This is why we ask you to only Pay What You Can. (For more details on our Pay What You Can model, please see the section at the bottom of this page)

Additional SPIRIT Club Virtual Services

Private Interactive Group Classes

In addition to the Daily Community Classes, we are offering iFitness (or Interactive Fitness), which is a small group class where members can keep their microphones and cameras on. This class incorporates a nice social component into our members’ fitness routines. These classes are also available to organizations, with more information HERE.

Member Watching Virtual Class

Virtual Personal/Partner Training

Get a personalized workout with your trainer from the comfort of your own home through video-chat technology. Bring a partner into your sessions to add a more social component to your training experience.

Virtual Yoga

Virtual Services for Organizations

SPIRIT Club has special virtual services designed for organizations which can be found HERE.

Check out our members in action below:

For those interested in Interactive Group Classes, Virtual Personal/Partner Training, or Virtual Services for Organizations please email:

SPIRIT Club’s “Pay What You Can” Pricing Model

At SPIRIT Club our motto of “Fitness For All!” By ‘All’ we really mean EVERYONE. All Fitness Levels, All Abilities, and ‘All’ also includes All Financial Situations. SPIRIT Club never wants cost to be the reason someone cannot access our services, so we ask everyone to just Pay What You Can for our Daily Community Classes.

SPIRIT Club does have expenses we need to cover, and being a for-profit company, we rely on the revenue from our services to cover the costs of our facilities, our technology, our fantastic dual-certified trainers, among other expenses. That being said, if you do have the ability to pay the full price for our services, we’d be very grateful. But if paying for our services would cause you any hardship, please just Pay What You Can.

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Do you want to join an existing group class open to the public? Check out our full class schedule.

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